how do I get balance in my life?




Balance is a conscious decision to nurture your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Nurturing yourself in SILENCE encourages your continuing development.

Feed your Mind, Body and Spirit equally to achieve balance.

The resources you require are available always. You must access them.

You inherently possess the knowledge to Nurture. 

Resonance confirms what you bring into your life.

Free Will assures the choice is yours.

The power of nature is limitless in supporting your efforts. You knew earthing as a child. Why not now?

Your physical needs can be met with an abundant supply of healthy foods and hydration. Your Body requires proper fuel to thrive.

Feed your Mind. Avoid distractions. Scrutinize your resources. Be aware of your intellectual need to know SILENCE.

Your Spirit quietly waits for you to connect, at will. This is Your True Self, conscious of your purpose and potential. 

Breathe... deeply... listen to your heart... 

Be enlightened by your inner power. Nurturing aligns life’s meaning with your gifts and talents.

You arrived in balance. 

You are you to hold.

The Secret to Life? Living it!

Remember when you “KNEW” you could fly?

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And then... you were stopped by the opinions of others: 

“That’s too hard”

“You’ll never make it that far” 

“It costs too much”

“You don’t have what it takes to succeed” 

“You really think you can do that?

“That’s so far away”

“There’s too much work involved”

“You’re kidding me, you do that?” 

“You’ll never get in there” 

“What do you know about that?” 

“why would you want to take the risk?”, 

Rather than listen to those who deter you, trust your intuition and the belief in your True Self.

This is the fuel you are looking for.

Put your S I L E N C E  M A P to work for you: 

SEE yourself as worthy to pursue your goals... 

INSPIRED by your gifts and talents. 

LISTEN to your heart and connect with your mind... 

EMPOWER yourself. 

NURTURE and encourage your development. 

CREATE from your desires... 

ENVISION a life of meaning and purpose for you and the people you love.

What you intend to accomplish will set in motion everything you need.

Universal support is available to each of us.


Momentum is the engine of life... FLY!


how does an introvert survive to thrive?

I’m an introvert.

Introverts have an edge in today’s society.

We’ve invested a great deal of time in SILENCE.

We know our strengths and weaknesses intimately.

We don’t demand nor do we require attention.

I learned at a very young age to listen to the endless criticism and then check its’ truth within myself. Years of reflection affirmed I am not less than others but rather express myself differently. The criticism became a form of critique as I grew. The physical abuse strengthens you. You adapt to tolerate and grow. You listen to your heart with unwavering resolve.

You begin to see life in all it’s contrasts. This is your power.

You are unique. When put to the test you work harder to overcome adversity where many give up. You’ve built your stamina from life’s repetitive blows. The barrage has produced the opposite of the intent. You have not succumbed, you’ve been strengthened.

You know your True Self. In many circumstances you are the voice of wisdom.

Each of us is at our own stage of unfolding and you may be at the very lowest you have ever been in this moment... persevere...listen to your heart...know this is passing and you are whole, always.



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is my humility a sign of weakness?

humility is strength of character.

is your respect for people’s feelings a weakness?

is your self control and self discipline harmful to others?

you approach life in moderation rather than extreme; is that a negative?

is being unassertive damaging to others?

is being shy and reserved detrimental?

in your meekness you display fairness and modesty.

you know who you are; ego is not important; you have nothing to defend.

you are an active listener and therefore a wonderful healer.

you know the answers to questions people haven’t even thought of yet.

the weak and unsure will challenge and taunt you; they see your strength; they are intimidated by you.

your greatness shines through your kindness; you believe in yourself above all criticism

through your modesty people are raised up and feel worthy.

you are an example for all who seek connection within, in SILENCE.

you possess empathy from your own life experience.

you are courageous, a true friend.

you are an example for those overwhelmed with daily fads.

create the life you desire to live undeterred... set your course...

remember... leaders often travel alone in the beginning.

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how do I surrender and live my life “normally”?

People who live in conflict are often suppressing their emotions. They fight with themselves, with the world.

They are living the judgement of others and yet they feel there is something missing. There has to be more to my life. There is more. It is You. Your True Self.

You are screaming from within but the noise of the world deafens you everyday.

You struggle until you say “no more”...and you surrender.

In surrender you begin to release your emotions and realize the wisdom held within.

Free of judgement you feel a shift in what is important and where your energy should be placed.

How you envision “normal” is very important. Is “normal” your definition or the way the world tells you your life should be lived?

How do you measure “normal”?

Who are you serving? Is it you and your family or the opinions of society that govern you?

When you have answered this you will be able to answer the next question; am I in constant struggle or am I living a happy, fulfilled life using my gifts and talents to their greatest potential?

If you are living the latter you are in the flow of your life. You are open to all that is as your purpose is realized.

The fight is over and you are the winner. The world will go on in its chaos.

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In surrender you come home to You.


I am not a creative person.


What you tell yourself can stop you from fully expressing who you are.

What does Creativity mean to you? 

Are you defining your creativity by the worldview or the energy that flows from within You?

In Silence, Listen to your heart…

Who you truly are is revealed freely when your Inspiration and Intention become one

What does generosity mean to you? What can you give the world that is uniquely You?

Allow yourself Silence to discover your True Self Worth through your gifts and talents; be kind to yourself and through nurturing you will see the creation that you are and what you bring to others.

are you expressing or suppressing yourself?

Describe yourself to You.

Do you laugh often? How often?                              

Do you laugh until you cry?

Do you cry unexpectedly?

Do you feel a heavy weight on your heart?

Do you snap at a problem and then 

apologize for your outburst?

Is the world a positive or negative place?

Do you constantly think of the past?

Is your past positive or negative?

Are you happy with your life?

Have you forgiven those who hurt you?

When do you feel most joyous about life?

When was the last time you said “I love you”?

What inspires you to be You?  Are you honest with You?

Are you comfortable being you?     

Is the child in you alive?

Do you like you?

Do you love you?

Does giving give you joy?

What do you want to change but fear failure?


what if I never hit bottom?

Free fall is terrifying but also clarifying. Stop and Listen to your heart. What’s at risk in just letting go?

Is hitting bottom a risk you want to take?

Are your emotions overpowering your rational thoughts or giving you direction?

If you are happy continue your fall. If not say enough and believe you can change your condition.

Do you sense a shift in what you believe about yourself and your possibilities?

Surrender your struggle and know that through grace you are supported in your decision.

be patient as you open to yourself

When you allow SILENCE to become a part of your daily living you receive what you need to shift your understanding of life.

There is a natural order to your unfolding. It is a heightened awareness, a “knowing” at a deepening level.

You have a supportive energy within that will help you open and be receptive to the messages in your heart.

At times it may be profound, requiring periods of absorption to fully integrate what you’ve be given. Be patient. Everything is perfect.

Maintain your strong presence with intention. You will continue to manifest the people, the books, the experiences that move you forward. From these experiences you see you have very little control in your life. Your power comes from your gifts and talents. Putting your gifts and talents to work benefits you and the people in your life. 

In Gratitude we are humbled. Appreciation expands our potential to give and receive beyond our worldly comprehension. The abundance available to support you increases as you give thanks for all you have.

You begin to realize You are the Light in your life. You hold the answers to your questions and often help others in their confusion because you are living from a place of truth, not ego.

Nurturing plays a major role in your unfolding. Clarity in mind, attention to body and alignment with your spirit empowers you. 

Free the child in you. Embrace your inherent greatness and soar!

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