SILENCE in real life. 

theSILENCEproject is about you.

Through the power of Silence you explore the essence of your True Self.

In SILENCE you come home to yourself.

Without the world’s noise, you can hear your truth and see your worthiness.

Let’s take 30 seconds here—and allow you to experience You.

If this is your first time “consciously” immersing yourself in Silence you may feel uncomfortable—an elevator moment without the muzak.

But when you make SILENCE part of your day, a shift begins inside.



Excerpted from theSILENCEproject. You can read more in a downloadable PDF excerpt HERE or listen to Doug sharing insights from theSILENCEproject by visiting our PODCASTS page.

A friendly reminder: Doug's voice is compelling—and theSILENCEproject podcasts are intended for moments when you can be truly silent. They're not in-vehicle driving experiences, please.